4 months later… Updated list and Hey I even completed a few games!


Yes I know it’s been 4 months since my last post and that’s because life has just been plain busy, that and I got completely suckered back into Destiny. So apologies to all the people who were reading my blog regularly (the 2 of you know who you are), but fingers crossed I’m back with more frequent updates.

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Promise kept: £10 bet won!

Ok ok, I know I’ve not been posting on my blog recently but simply put I’ve just not had time.

Having a 15 month old, working full time and trying to play some amount of video games has left me zero time at all to keep this blog up to date.

But enough about that, I kept the promise!
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The Wolf Among Us S1E1 – “Faith”: PlayStation Now experiance

The version of The Wolf Among Us that appears on ‘The Pile of Shame‘ is actually the Xbox 360 version of the game I bought back when it came out in 2013. For whatever reason I only ever played episode one and never went back to it, even when the new episodes were released.

Eighteen months or so later I thought I’d pick it back up. But not the Xbox 360 version sat installed on my console in the spare room, I thought I’d try the PlayStation Now version (on my PS4) given I’d just recently gained access to the beta and the results were so so. Read More